Mission:  Design is our passion  




We are dedicated to "a renewed aesthetic of nature-based residential architecture" and committed to a warm and human environment.



We design custom homes - inside and out

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Our designs are inspired by our skills, experience,

and the principles of Frank Lloyd Wright


Our main design concepts include:

  • The design must fit, and become an integral part of, the surrounding terrain and space

  • Structures are located near the highest point of land

  • Each side of a house is "the front"

  • Fenestration must be coordinated with the design

  • A custom home owner should not have to compromise in terms of desires, quality, the way a space functions, or the way the space feels.  The emotion a home conveys is a critical part of its design.


Our designs are created to enhance the existing environment, not merely placed in an environment and forced to work.


We believe that good architecture embodies the same principles, whether the design is contemporary or traditional.


All of our projects are appropriate to their sites.  Our designs integrate the architecture with the landscape.  Equally important is the use of building materials appropriate to the nature of the design, the specific requirements of the project, and the surrounding environment.




Design is our passion