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Beese Quast Design is a full service interior design firm.  This means that our firm can provide you with anything and everything you may need for your design project.  Work may include floor plans, space planning, furnishing plans, lighting plans, design drawings, built-in designs, material selections or specifications, furnishings and accessories.  In addition, we have a working knowledge of interior construction, fire and building codes, as well as safety issues.  The end result will be a design totally customized to your taste and lifestyle.


Hiring us will save you time and money.  You get the benefit of years of experience in all types of projects.  We can provide you with solutions to your design problems and access to goods only available to the design trade.  We can help you create a master plan designed to your specific needs, one that can be implemented over time.  And, finally, the end result will be a unique space of which you are very proud.


The execution of a project may look like this.  The initial meeting establishes the scope of your project.  This interview determines what your practical needs are and how you want your home to function.  For example, you may entertain frequently and want to have a house that can accommodate a large number of people.  Or you may want a home office that is very functional but also looks appropriate for a home.  You may have small children, so the fabrics and furniture need to wear well.  Or you may have a room that just doesn't quite work because of the traffic flow going through it - doors opening into other rooms on every wall, for example.  Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we can determine the priorities.  Many projects are implemented over time, which is fine as long as there is a master plan to follow.


The next step is to determine what you like visually.  We first explore the overall look you want.  Should your home be striking, elegant or a cozy retreat?  Which materials do you like:  marble, stone, dark woods, glass, texture?  Which patterns do you prefer:  stripes, solids, florals?  And, of course, which colors are your favorites?  We may look at pictures of existing spaces for inspiration.  Our goal is to take what you tell us that you want and to make it a reality, while creating something one-of-a-kind.  By reviewing some of the featured projects, you can see how each unique expression of our collaboration with that particular client supports our design process.


After establishing a plan, we will go to the various wholesale showrooms to select examples of what we agreed to include.  Our knowledge of where to go, and access to resources open only to the design trade, such as those at the Washington Design Center, saves you considerable time and offers you a much broader selection than is available at retail stores.  Typically, we put together several schemes for you to choose from and explain the pros and cons of each.  Once a decision is made, we can assist you through the entire procurement process, from ordering the goods, to placing the furniture and hanging the last picture.




Design is our passion